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Sings you need to replace your windows and doors

Before getting into what to look for in a new set of window or doors, let’s discuss the signs that let you know if your products need to be repaired or replaced.

Window and Doors Drafts

If the interior of your home is feeling cold during the winter months it may be due to drafty windows. To tell if a drafty window is the culprit, hold a tissue to the window and see if it quivers. If it does, it may be time to for a replacement. Same thing applies for patio sliding doors to your back yards or front doors, as well as any other exterior doors including french doors.

Increased Energy Bills

Drafty windows or doors can let cold air in during the winter and they can let cool, air-conditioned air out during the summer. In both cases, they will have your heating and cooling units doing overtime. If you see a sudden rise in your energy bills, the windows could be to blame.

Single Pane Windows

Single pane windows are not as effective in keeping the elements out as compared to double and triple pane windows. Newer windows are almost always double or triple pane. If you have older, single pane windows, it may be time for an update.

Poor Window Operation

If opening and closing your window is proving to be exhausting, it may be a sign that the parts are starting to wear down. In some cases, you may be able to repair faulty parts, but if windows are older, it’s likely this is a sign that more repairs will be needed in the future. It’s best to get a replacement sooner rather than later.

Windows and Doors by Everest Inc.
Windows and Doors by Everest Inc.

Window Condensation

There are many reasons why condensation can appear on your windows but it you see it constantly occurring, it may be because your windows need to be replaced.

Moisture Between the Panes

Most windows have gas injected between the panes to provide better insulation. This should form an airtight seal. If you are seeing moisture between the panes of your windows, it may be a sign that the seal is broken and is, therefore, not providing the amount of insulation it should be providing.

Outside Noise

A well-insulated window should protect your home from outside noise. While it is normal to get some amount of noise coming in from the outside, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by sounds. If you are hearing more noise than usual, you may want to get new windows.

Window and Doors Decay

Moisture and dampness can cause windows and doors to decay. In some instances, mold can form as well. If you start seeing signs of rot on your window, this is another problem that should be tended to sooner rather than later.

Outdated Looks

Modern looking windows can really boost the look of your home improving its curb appeal. If you feel like your home needs a facelift, new windows will do the trick.

Visible Damage

The elements can cause damage to your windows that can manifest as cracks in the glass and warped frames. The glass can also get so foggy you might not be able to see out of the window anymore. If your windows are showing signs of damage, it’s likely they are not insulating your home as well as they should be.

Windows and Doors Need to be Replaced Every 10-25 Years in Greater Toronto, Ontario


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