Fixed Windows and Picture Windows

Upgrade your fixed casement and picture windows

After putting it to the test, our picture casement windows and fixed casement windows are designed with a structural frame to accommodate larger openings, creating a spectacular visual effect. Combined with other window styles, fixed casement windows create an elegant expanse of glass. With a classic interior contour design that will match the size and appearance of our casement and awning windows, you can expect an attractive, uniform look, and operational versatility.

  • Interior Heritage glazing with modern co-extruded seal technology for a classic craftsmanship finish
  • Insulated thermal dual-seal glass with Super Spacer for optimum efficiency
  • Multi-chamber design that provides maximum strength to the window as well as a high level of insulation
  • Fusion-welded for added strength and prevention of air infiltration with shadow groove-cleaned corners
  • Integrated self-drainage system

Standard Glass: DOUBLE INSULATED GLASS Overall Thickness 7/8″
Optional Glass: TRIPLE INSULATED GLASS Overall Thickness 1 3/8″

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Picture Windows and Fixed Windows Glass Styles and Options
Everest Fixed Picture Window Toronto
Everest Fixed Picture Window Toronto

Everest Windows and Doors, a renowned name in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area, specializes in providing high-quality vinyl casement windows designed to withstand the harsh Canadian climates. These windows feature simple operation with a handle turn, enhanced security with tight seals on all sides, and offer minimal muntins for unobstructed views. Constructed from 100% lead-free uPVC, Everest windows are impact-resistant and retain their color over time. They boast a fully sealed glass unit with options for various glazing and thicknesses. The fusion-welded corners ensure airtight and watertight seals, enhancing the structural integrity. With multiple internal air chambers, these windows provide excellent insulation, soundproofing, and maximize energy efficiency. For clients seeking a classic Canadian chalet look with floor-to-ceiling windows, Everest offers customization options to create a wall of windows. Almost any size of fixed casement windows can be manufactured at our Toronto facility, allowing for a tailored solution that meets any architectural requirement. Everest’s casement windows are available in various designs and finishes, providing unlimited customization to meet any aesthetic, making them an ideal choice for improving home comfort and efficiency.

Why Choose Picture Windows?

Picture windows sometimes referred to as fixed windows, are a great method to enhance the aesthetics of any building. These expertly crafted uPVC windows or vinyl windows provide maximum visibility and don’t open or close like traditional operable window styles. They have uPVC construction, which is naturally resistant to decay and weathering. As a result, they require little maintenance over the course of their lifetime, allowing you to put off replacing new windows for a very long period. The uPVC frames have a remarkable level of insulation while maintaining a thin profile that allows them to fit in small places. Since picture windows don’t open, this ensures that their efficiency is constant over their lifespan and makes them one of the safest child safety solutions.

Additionally, Picture windows require very little upkeep because they don’t have any moving components or motors that require routine lubrication or cleaning. They are therefore perfect for people who seek an appealing window solution with little work. Overall, picture windows are a great option for any property because of the outstanding combination of efficiency, safety, and beauty they provide. Your home or place of business will be safe and attractive for many years to come thanks to the uPVC structure and low maintenance needs.

At the end of the day no matter what type of window you choose, be sure to have a qualified window company do them for you. Improper installation can seriously reduce the lifespan of your windows, and it can also compromise your home’s security. Here at Everest Windows and Doors Inc., FREE installation is included if you buy our new products located in and around Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, New Market, Barrie, Kitchener, and Hamilton.

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Difference between Picture Window and Fixed Window

Despite having many similarities, fixed and picture windows are not exactly the same. When choosing between fixed and picture windows, there are a few factors to take into account, whether you’re obtaining window replacements or installing new residential windows. Here is a brief explanation of the distinctions between Picture (Direct Set) and Fixed windows so that you can quickly locate the best options when window shopping.

difference between fixed windows and picture windowsPicture Window

Picture windows also referred to as “direct set” windows, are non-operable and have a low-profile frame to maximize the glass surface. Its distinguishing characteristic is its unobstructed views, which are typically employed as decorative windows or focal points in living areas and bedrooms.

This window style, which is frequently paired with functional windows, is also one of the more adjustable ones that are offered. In contrast, many entry doors are frequently coupled with bay windows, especially if the door lacks glass. Bay windows, for instance, have one huge picture window surrounded by two functional ones.

Fixed Window

Aside from the frame size, these windows are also non-functional and have a similar appearance to picture windows. Since fixed windows are frequently employed to match the site lines of operating windows, they feature larger and slightly thicker window frames. Because of this, they don’t have as much glass as other window designs, but they nevertheless allow in more light and vistas.

Fixed windows appear bolder and more defined because they have a more exposed window frame. Due to the fact that they give some architectural detail to otherwise minimalist house designs, this characteristic makes them excellent alternatives for contemporary and modern residences.

At Everest Windows and Doors Inc., all of the windows, including picture and sliding windows, are made with premium materials and high-performance glass for maximum aesthetic value and increased energy efficiency. We provide our services in and around Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, New Market, Barrie, Kitchener, and Hamilton.


What are the Advantages of Picture Windows?

Everest picture fixed window toronto (2)


  1. Enhances Natural Lighting  – A well-placed picture window not only provides spacious views of your surroundings but also a great supply of natural light for your home. It highlights the natural beauty of your interiors, enhances your mood, and lessens the need for artificial lighting, which could result in cheaper energy costs since you don’t have to turn on your lights every time.
  2. Budget Friendly – Picture windows are the best option for you if you are constantly concerned about the cost of new windows or home replacement windows. Picture windows are likely the most cost-effective window type with the greatest number of advantages. If you ask for a quote for a picture window that is comparable in size and construction too, say, casement windows or double-hung windows, you probably won’t pay as much because it doesn’t have any moving parts for the opening mechanism.
  3.  Energy Efficient and Better Insulation -With the right home window installation, picture windows may provide excellent insulation and keep your home warm and comfy over a long period of winter. Since they are also inoperable and sealed on the edges, there is very little probability of an opening for air or water leakage. The insulation and energy efficiency of your picture window may also be enhanced by extra features like double glazing and low-E coating.
  4. Increases Curb Appeal -If you’re looking for a way to improve your home’s curb appeal, then picture window is the right windows for you. Nowadays picture windows in modern homes are usually large and positioned carefully to create architectural flair and provide an unobstructed view outdoors.

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Best Locations for Your Picture Windows

Everest Windows and Doors Fixed Window Kitchen Toronto

Based on our firsthand experience, there are numerous locations where picture windows could be placed, just as there are numerous picture window configurations. Really, it depends on your house, your perspective, and the windows you currently have. Having said that, there are a few places where picture windows perform at their finest.

  • Exterior walls – Picture windows can be installed to form an uninterrupted wall, which is a brilliant approach to letting beautiful vistas and natural light in. On the blank wall space next to a vaulted ceiling, a line of beautifully formed fixed windows may also be placed.
  • In surprising places – Picture windows can be used in interesting and unexpected places to add a touch of charm or elegance to a room. Other great locations for picture windows include in the bathroom, as a focal point in the living room, or above the kitchen sink.
  • Dimly lighted areas – Place your picture windows in your dimly lighted areas to maximize and enhance the natural lighting to your specific part of the house. Properly placing your picture windows can lessen the use of artificial lighting thus cheaper energy costs.

Window Sizes and Frames for Your Home

Everest fixed picture window toronto

When buying a picture window, window size, and frame are important issues to consider. uPVC windows and vinyl windows come in a variety of frame types, including casement frames, tilt and turn frames, and bay windows. Bay windows are a great option for people who want a lot of light and space in their homes, while tilt-and-turn frames are ideal for people who want to be able to open their windows for ventilation.

Picture windows come in a range of sizes since they can be utilized in various locations throughout the house. If you want to use casements or awnings with a picture window, a size range of 20 to 24 inches wide and 24 to 48 inches tall is preferred. 1 Large picture windows or fixed frame windows may have maximum sizes up to 9′ 4″ x 8′ 0″ high.

However, picture windows can be tailored to your needs in order to have the ideal layout for the size and space you have available. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and have that perfect fit, beautifully tailored picture windows right now. At Everest Windows and Doors Inc., we only offer top-quality products partnered with our top-quality service at an affordable price located in and around Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, New Market, Barrie, Kitchener, and Hamilton.

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Let our experienced window installers make sure your home is well-insulated

As per our expertise, our job is to help you save on energy costs and improve your place aesthetically. Window installations have to be executed carefully and thoroughly to guarantee good insulation that will keep your house warm in the winter and dry year-round. If you’re looking for a professional and clean installation of windows, Everest Windows and Doors Inc. is leading in customer satisfaction in the greater Toronto area and the surroundings. Explore our cut out for a new window or an expansion of your wall options.

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Types of Windows

Awning Windows


Opens at 45 degrees; optimal for airflow and rain protection.


Crank-operated; opens fully for maximum airflow.

Fixed Casement Picture Window

Fixed Casement

Non-operational windows for extra light and view.

Bay & Bow

Extra light , visually bigger living space

Double Slider Windows

Double Slider

Slides open on both sides for easy ventilation.

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung

Two movable panes; versatile opening options.

Single Slider

Slides open from one side; affordable and efficient.

Single Hung Window

Single Hung

Bottom pane moves; classic and energy-efficient.

End Vent Slider Window Toronto

End Vent Slider

Central fixed pane with two sliding sides; compact.


Stationary, maximizes light and views; purely decorative.