Single Hung Tilt Windows

single hung windows toronto gta hamilaton Mississauga brampton newmarketdouble hung windows toronto gta hamilaton Mississauga brampton newmarketSingle hung windows consist of one sash which slides vertically from the bottom and one stationary sash at the top. The operative sash tilts inward to allow for safe and easy cleaning from inside your home. Single Hung windows are an elegant addition to complement your home.

  • U.P.V.C. bright white interior and exterior finished color
  • 3 1/4″ vinyl frame
  • Fusion-welded corners
  • Shadow groove cleaned corners
  • Integrated self-drainage system
  • Multi-chamber design that provides maximum strength to the window as well as a high level of insulation
  • Appointed screw chambers for installation purposes
  • Interior removable cover designed to hide installation screws
  • Sloped outside finish to ensure easy outside water drainage
  • Weighted stainless steel coils allow for smooth and easy operation of sash
  • Durable tilt handles provide easy access and effortless operation of the tilt feature

Standard Glass: DOUBLE INSULATED GLASS Overall Thickness 7/8″
Optional Glass: TRIPLE INSULATED GLASS Overall Thickness 7/8″

Double Hung Tilt Windows

Enhanced features provide a competitive ratio of quality to price

  • 3 1/4″ extended frame
  • Structural construction for the larger viewing area
  • Thermopane is located over 25% further inside the wall than any 3 1/4″ frame
  • Built-in 1/2″, 3/4″ Drywall Return
  • The perfect window for new construction, yet easily adapted to retrofit applications