Turning a Window Into a Patio Door Toronto

What You Need to Know About Turning a Window into a Patio Door

Drawing from our experience, turning a window into a patio door is a usual way to create a small change in your house design. The reason for this is that some homeowners are tired of the current design of their house, while others just want to keep up with the current trend. No matter what the reason is, making a small change to your home will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Should you Turn Your Window Into a Patio Door?

As we previously mentioned, the reasons for transforming a window into a patio can be numerous. Some homeowners have a house shaped for two units, and they wish to give two renters access to the backyard with their own entry. Other people want to have a patio door directly attached to their backyard’s patio. Regarding the reason why you want to do it, it is important to know that this will drastically change the look of your house, both from the inside and from the outside. If you are ready for Thai change, then Everest Windows and Doors is happy to help you with this job project.

Since this little renovation is the hottest trend nowadays, some homeowners will dare to do the wall cutting by themselves. They don’t realize the possible risks that come along with it. As a result, they end up having a poorly-built patio door that can possibly collapse at any time. That is why before trimming your walls down by yourself, there are a few things that you have to consider first when you are in Newmarket, Hamilton, Vaughan, Mississauga, Whitby, Brampton, Stoney Creek, Etobicoke, and Caledon

Things to Consider Before Converting Your Window Into a Door in Ontario

  • Consult a project consultant

convert window into a sliding doorBased on our firsthand experience, turning a window into a patio door can become complicated if you decide to do the job right away. You have to consider the structure of your window, the suitable materials to use, the electrical wirings, your house’s foundation, and the like. Consulting a project consultant will give you some ideas and let you know whether or not you need to secure a permit. Obtain a permit

If you’re only going to cut your wall from your window downward, then there’s a possibility that you won’t need a permit at all. However, if you need to remove the wall’s king studs or if you will have to run into the electrical wirings of your wall, then you’ll need to get a permit.

It is your responsibility to acquire a permit as the homeowner. No one else will do it for you. You do not have to worry though, because it is easy to obtain. Nonetheless, you have to secure a permit if you’re planning to make extreme improvements and renovations.

  • Hire a contractor

replacing a window with a doorIf you are looking for a contractor to do the job of turning your window into a patio door, please be vigilant. Not all window and door companies can do such a job since it requires deeper expertise in terms of knowledge of building construction and understanding of how much you can enlarge the hole for your new installation. Wrongly cut walls can cause cracks and potential problems in your house’s construction. To avoid that, make sure to find someone reputable who has already done such jobs, ideally someone who has experience expanding the window opening to a 6-foot patio ( the biggest patio size and the hardest to do). In the case of Everest Windows and Doors, we have already done that dozens of times; therefore, we will definitely be keen on building your new patio for you without hesitation.

Installation companies employ professionals and highly-trained individuals. Turning a window into a patio door is a piece of cake for them. You do not have to worry about the possible outcome as long as the professionals are doing it for you. They will also inform you about the work they’ll do to your window so that you’ll know what to expect.

Even though you can expect most installation companies to have professional staff, they still differ in efficiency, skills, and expertise. Only a handful of companies are capable of trimming down concrete walls.

Depending on the material that your wall is made of, you may need to find a company that can do the job. Do not waste your time and money by hiring the wrong ones. You should find the one that can complete the job for you.

Everest Windows is one of the companies that you may want to consider. They provide services in Newmarket, Hamilton, Vaughan, Mississauga, Whitby, Brampton, Stoney Creek, Etobicoke, and Caledon. As you can see, you don’t have to go far just to find a good contractor.

  • Prepare for the possible refinishing and replacements of some materials

convert a window into a sliding door Your contractors will do their best not to compromise both your windows header and drywall. However, the header expansion is almost impossible without removing the drywall first. This process is often needed when you have to make way for the patio door’s opening. Refinishing your new patio or hiring a drywall installer is a way to make up for the missing drywall.

  • A need for an electrician might be possible

There are times that the cut-out may involve going through the electrical wirings installed on your wall. Hiring an electrician will ensure that your electrical wiring will be put back properly.

Making some changes in your home requires a lot of responsibilities, like securing a permit and hiring different kinds of professionals. You know that these steps are necessary to make sure that your new patio door will not turn into a potential problem in the future. No matter how complicated it may seem, turning a window into a patio door makes a home cozier.  If you need any help with this, do not hesitate to call Everest Doors & Windows. We will help you with your installation needs.