How to measure for replacement windows?

Learn about uPVC window replacements in the Greater Toronto Area

Everest Windows & Doors Inc. follows a time tested methodology to ensure an optimal window and door renovation project. After contact us for a free quote for your home window replacements, we typically send a specialist to take individual window measurements to then pass to our manufacturing facility. A precise and correct quote depends on proper measurements as well as the overall success of the renovation project.

Measure properly before ordering new uPVC Windows

The measurements that we require to provide a proper quote includes the width, height and depth of the window opening. It’s important to label each measurement and window and include descriptions such as the physical location in the house. For example: “West Facing Kitchen Window”, “Basement South Window”, etc.

Window Width

You will need to measure the width of the window in three places – top, middle ands bottom. The tape measure should be measuring from the widest part in between the left and right window jambs. If you have a sash, remove it from the way to take accurate measurements. Take the same measurement at the bottom, middle and top of the window. The smallest size measured is your window width size.

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Window Height

Now we will take three measurements again, Left/Center/Right window height size. Place the measurement tape at the highest part of the inside top and bottom jambs, then your smallest height measurements between the left, center, and right is your height size. Ensure to move away the sash to take accurate measurements again.

top bottom measurement window barrie toronto brampton

Window Depth

Now you need to measure the depth of your window, which can be done by measuring the sill space from the trim in the front to the trim in the back. The measurements should be 3.25in at the least to properly fit and installed as a replacement window in most modern in-ground homes in the Greater Toronto Area.

Contact Everest Windows for a Free Quote on Window Replacements

Our professionals have decades of experience from all over the world, manufacturing, measuring and installing windows and doors. We wholeheartedly recommend our clients to have our pros come and take the right measurements for you in order to avoid issues later on. Nothing worse than ordering a window that doesn’t fit at all and experience additional delays to this process.

We can facilitate the whole process for you and help you with the measurements, consultation, selections and post-installation maintenance. Let our experts help you make a better decision from when is the best time to start until installing windows and doors to your home.

Contact us for a free quote today! 

We help clients measure, order and replace their windows in Toronto, New Market, Barrie, Brampton, Vaughan, Hamilton, Wasaga Beach, Mississauga, Markham and Kitchener.

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